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Dentists of various specialties

In our dental clinic, we employ only experienced specialists who, thanks to their expertise, provide both basic health care and advanced treatment of even the most difficult dental cases. The ORTHO ESTHETICA therapy planning is always preceded by a detailed diagnosis. Examinations are performed on site, using equipment from renowned manufacturers of medical equipment. In this way, we verify any dental abnormalities and only then we develop an individual therapeutic schedule.

What treatments do we perform inw  ORTHO ESTHETICA dental clinic?

Thanks to the team of qualified specialists at the ORTHO ESTHETICA dental clinic in Konstancin, we treat patients in all fields of dentistry with passion and commitment. The cooperation of doctors from various fields of dentistry allows for comprehensive problem solving and achieving satisfactory results

Experts from ORTHO ESTHETICA include, among other things:

  • orthodontists who deal with malocclusion and improvement of the condition of teeth;
  • orthodontics is performed using modern techniques of malocclusion correction;
  • conservative dentists, specializing in the treatment of caries, as well as in the reconstruction of lost dental tissues
  • prosthodontists, restoring a beautiful smile to the patients by supplementing missing teeth, endodontists, who deal primarily with root canal treatment.

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